Photo: AFP / Brendan Smialowski
Photo: AFP / Brendan Smialowski

China loves Trump. Despite his insistance that he would drive a hard bargain with Beijing, and that the US has gotten a raw deal in the bilateral relationship, he has been quite amenable since taking office.

The Global Times argues that the US media is trying to sabatoge the terrific relationship Beijing has cultivated with the Trump White House, but if he acts decisively, and ignores the mainstream media, it would be a win for him. They certainly know their way to Trump’s heart, which bodes well for US-China relations.

“After Trump took office, US public opinion underwent a change, with sharply antagonistic media taking on a critical mindset. This includes important diplomatic issues related to US-China ties, which were used in the offensive targeting Trump. When US-China ties move forward a step, [the media] said this is Trump ‘kow-towing’ to China; when the relationship encounters a problem, they urge Trump to take a harder stance. […]

There are myriad possible futures for US-China ties, ranging from disagreements increasing to reaching consensus on common interests. But taken as a whole US interests require stable US-China relations, this is the basic reason why US administrative agencies counter extreme public opinion to maintain control. […]

All this [media coverage] is just noise to interfere with Trump’s next move on his China policy. As the US mainstream media continues to work against Trump, maybe at the key moment when the Trump administration displays decisive leadership, they won’t be swayed, and this could be the key to Trump pulling out his China policy ace card.”

Asia Unhedged translation of excerpts from Editorial: Not swayed, Trump may pull out ace card

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