Ghatkopar Metro Station. Photo: Flickr Commons

To escape a fine, an 18-year-old jumped about 10 meters from the concourse area of Mumbai’s Ghatkopar Metro Station to the ground below and fractured his knee on Sunday, according to media reports.

Rajkumar, who is from Orissa, claimed that he had boarded the metro in Saki Naka, and when he reached Ghatkopar, he inserted his token but the automatic fare collection gate did not open. He was under the influence of alcohol when the incident happened.

A Metro official was quoted as saying, “He jumped from the concourse level and people on the street immediately gathered around. With the help of Ghatkopar police, he was rushed to Rajawadi hospital at 9.15 pm.” According to reports, Rajkumar fractured his knee and needed a few stitches on his chin.

The Metro official added, “Rajkumar had bought a token for Ghatkopar but was roaming around at various Metro stations. According to the rules, the journey has to be completed within one hour from the time of purchase of the token or else the token becomes invalid.”