One million trees will be planted across Delhi this year. Photo: iStock
One million trees will be planted across Delhi this year. Photo: iStock

The national capital is about to get greener.

Environment Minister Imran Hussain announced on Tuesday that one million saplings will be planted across Delhi this year, according to media reports.

The tree-planting drive, which is expected to begin on July 15, will involve distributing free saplings during the monsoon season.

About 400,000 will be planted by the Department of Forests and Wildlife, and the Development Authority and the Education Department are each planting about 100,000 saplings in their respective areas.

“Since pre-monsoon showers have [arrived] in Delhi and it is expected that soil moisture level will now be maintained till the ensuing monsoon season, the officials have been asked by the forest minister to plant [one million] saplings in the city,” a government statement said.

Hussain was quoted as saying, “More and more tree plantation is the only way to improve air quality by reducing carbon dioxide through carbon sequestration cycle.

“The idea is to reduce the particulate matter in the air, which reaches a dangerous level in Delhi, particularly during winter.”

This move comes after the Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change announced its intention to plant around 826,000 trees in the capital during 2017-2018.

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