MacRitchie Reservoir Park  Photo: Google Map, Wikimedia Commons
MacRitchie Reservoir Park Photo: Google Map, Wikimedia Commons

A 36-second video clip showing a battle between a king cobra and a reticulated python at MacRitchie Reservoir Park in Singapore has gone viral over the internet.

The video has been viewed 770,000 times and shared 4,500 times since Sheldon Trollope, uploaded it on Tuesday.

In the clip, a slowly moving python is attacked from behind by a king cobra, which is the longest venomous snake in the world. 

The cobra bit the python, which had raised its head in defense, but the cobra disappeared into the bushes.

According to some witnesses, the python died after the fight, probably because of the cobra’s venom, Trollope said in a report by AsiaOne.

Trollope said the video was taken by a resident who exercising on MacRitchie North Trail at the park. Netizens praised the person for his bravery in taking the video.

People should keep their distance from snakes, whether they are venomous or not, Karina O’Carroll, Animal Concerns Research & Education Society, told Shin Min Daily News. People who see snakes in public areas can call 97837782 for help.

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