A Jet Airways plane readies for takeoff. Photo: iStock
Jet Airways operated its last flight on April 17 last year and became insolvent in June after being in service for 25 years. Photo: iStock

A baby who was born at 35,000 feet above sea level on a Kochi-bound Jet Airways plane on Sunday has been given a lifetime flight pass for the airline, according to media reports.

The Boeing 737 carrying 169 passengers was headed to Kochi but diverted to Mumbai when C Jose went into premature labor. Luckily, a trained paramedic who was on the flight was able to assist with the delivery.

After landing in Mumbai, the mother and child were rushed to Holy Spirit Hospital and both were reported to be healthy.

The airline said: “Jet Airways is pleased to announce the successful birth of a baby boy on board its flight 9W 569 from Dammam to Kochin on June 18, 2017. The Boeing 737 with 162 guests was diverted to Mumbai as one of the guests went into premature labour. Being the first baby to be born in-flight for the airline, Jet Airways is pleased to offer the newborn a free lifetime pass for all his travel on Jet Airways.”