Bangalore police are investigating a shooting on Hosur Road. Photo: iStock

A Bangalore businessman is in critical condition after his wife allegedly shot him three times with a pistol during a fight in their car.

Hamsa, 52,  allegedly shot her husband,  Sai Ram MR, the CEO of a property management firm, when they stopped at the Veerasandra Signal on Hosur Road around 5 pm on Friday, according to reports.

The couple had gone to SK Garden Restaurant in Athibele for lunch and got into a heated exchange, which continued in their car as they drove away. 

According to reports, Sai Ram allegedly punched Hamsa in the face and continued driving. When Hamsa started screaming, Sai Ram is said to have tried to get out of the vehicle to get a bus for the rest of the journey home. But Hamsa allegedly took a revolver from the car’s glove compartment and shot at him in the chest and stomach before he could get out. Other motorists heard the gunshots and came to Sai Ram’s aid.

Chandapura police have registered a case and are investigating.

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