Delhi police are hunting a woman suspected of running a blackmail ring, after an MP was allegedly targeted. Photo: iStock

Delhi police have launched a manhunt for a high-profile woman after KC Patel, an MP, alleged that he was drugged and filmed in an objectionable position by a gang led by the suspect, who demanded Rs5 crore (US$778,000).

According to a report in the Times of India, the gang allegedly threatened to release his pictures and videos if the demand was not met. The newspaper said the woman had also threatened to implicate the MP in a rape case.

A report was filed under Section 384 (extortion) of the Indian Penal Code. In his complaint, the MP claimed that the woman sought help from him and asked him to accompany her to a house in Ghaziabad, where he was given a soft drink laced with sedatives. The MP then passed out. When he regained his senses he realized he had been set up.

A special team was formed to investigate the case, an officer said.