Syed Alwi Road, Singapore Photo: Google Maps

A 44-year-old Singaporean woman was jailed for five days by a court on Friday for causing hurt to her former employer in a restaurant last December.

Tan Bee Ling had worked for Chiew Hiong Hiong, a 45-year-old Malaysian woman, and her husband, Goh Boon Leong, 42, at Goh’s coffeeshop, Shan Ding Restaurant, on Singapore’s Syed Alwi Road, The Straits Times reported. Last November, Tan had a dispute with Chiew, who terminated her employment on bad terms.

At 1:23am on December 14, 2016, Tan returned to the coffeeshop with her friends and hit Chiew’s head twice with a plastic bowl. Chiew tried to protect herself with her right arm. Tan then started scolding Chiew, who was bleeding from a 2cm-long cut on her forehead. Tan was later arrested by the police.

In Singapore, the maximum penalty for causing hurt to a person is a two-year sentence and a S$5,000 (US$3,609) fine.