Ada Tsang Yin-hung, a Hong Kong secondary school teacher. Photo: Facebook

Ada Tsang Yin-hung, a Hong Kong secondary school teacher who aspired to set an example to her students about the importance of perseverance, has finally made it to the summit of Mount Everest on her third attempt, seven years after vowing to conquer the world’s highest mountain.

At 6am on Sunday morning, Tsang arrived at the mountain’s peak, 8,848.44 meters above sea level. According to am730’s report, fhe feat was announced on a post on the Facebook page Lesson on 8848.44m, which is managed by Tsang’s students.

Tsang becomes the first Hong Kong female climber to have reached the top, and the achievement fulfills a promise she made to students seven years ago.

In 2014, she was forced to quit on her first attempt due to an avalanche. During her second, the following year, a severe avalanche was triggered by a 6.7-magnitude aftershock from Nepal’s catastrophic earthquake. Five members of her team died and Tsang herself also sustained injuries to her head and ribs.

Tsang resigned from her teaching job in April to prepare for her the third attempt.

Speaking of her motivations, she once told Headline Daily that she had to serve as a role model to her students, showing what it means not to give up on their ambitions.

She hoped her success would inspire her students to be brave and persistent and not make excuses while pursuing their life goals.

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