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Photo: iStock

A woman was arrested for allegedly cheating e-commerce giant Amazon India out of Rs69.91 lakh (US$108,000) by making online purchases, returning substandard or cheap lookalikes and selling the original items on another shopping portal.

Deepanwita Ghosh, who lives in Rajanna Layout, Horamavu, Karnataka, and her husband allegedly received refunds from Amazon for the delivered products after returning their inexpensive substitutes.

According to reports, Ghosh, an avid internet user who worked for a professional services company, used fake names to make 104 online purchases of items such as high-end cellphones, SLR cameras, TVs and other electronic equipment. She then demanded refunds using Amazon’s customer return system, C-return.

Because Amazon did not inspect the merchandise when it was returned, it took a year for the company to notice that it was being cheated.

When Amazon’s seller service staff in Bengaluru noticed that many returned products were not the originals, an internal probe was carried out and Ghosh was identified as a suspect. Amazon lodged a police complaint on April 18.