The Delhi Metro Rail is seen as one of the success stories of public transport in India. Photo: iStock

Barely a month after a spate of racial attacks against African students in the National Capital Region, a video of an African woman taking off her shirt and challenging a local crowd to a fistfight on the Delhi Metro has gone viral.

The video shows two African women engaged in an altercation with a large group of men, who are shouting: “Baahar nikalo inhe” (Throw them out). The women shout back:  “You want to fight? Let’s fight.” Other passengers on the train are heard demanding that they be removed from the car.

According to a report in the Indian Express, the argument broke out over a seat. The women wanted to sit on a seat reserved for elderly or disabled passengers. A man occupying the seat refused to give it up at first, but eventually gave in when they protested that they were entitled to sit there. However, after they sat down, the group of passengers started abusing them, which led to the conflict.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on May 3, but the date of the incident is unknown. 

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