Yee Wah Mansion on 38-40A Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay Photo: Google Maps

A confused, inebriated and shirtless Indian man had to be restrained on a stretcher after rescuers successfully talked him down from an open window in a Causeway Bay high-rise early on Wednesday morning.

Six police officers had to subdue and restrain the man on a stretcher when he refused to get into the ambulance to get a checkup at the hospital.

At almost 7am, a shirtless 29-year-old Indian man, who has a Hong Kong ID card holder, was seen sitting at the window of a flat on the 13th floor of Yee Wah Mansion on 38-40A Yee Wo Street, Sing Tao Daily reported.

Residents called police after they heard loud, emotional screams coming from a 13th floor flat on Causeway Bay, which is a busy retail, office and residential district in Hong Kong. They feared someone was attempting a suicide.

Firefighters laid out the rescue cushion, while it took 45 minutes for the police officers to convince the man to come away from the open window, Apple Daily reported.

During the rescue, the man claimed he was the landlord of the flat, but later he said he was a visitor who missed his friend who lived there.