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Photo: iStock

In a scene straight out of a Bollywood movie, a groom’s jilted lover allegedly stormed into an Uttar Pradesh wedding and kidnapped him at gunpoint as guests looked on in horror.

According to reports, Ashok Yadav fell in love with the woman while they were working together at a private medical clinic in Banda, and he had promised to marry her. However, Ashok later became engaged to a girl from Bhawanipur village, after which he ceased contact with his girlfriend. When she learned about his marriage plans, she reportedly became enraged and decided to take revenge.

On May 15, the woman and three armed men rolled up to the venue in an SUV. Warning the guests not to interfere, she pointed a pistol at Ashok and ordered him to get into the vehicle and they sped off.

Ashok’s whereabouts were unknown, said police, who suspect the kidnapping was staged.

A police official said: “How can a woman kidnap a grown man in front of so many people? Nobody tried to stop them or save the groom. In reality, the man willingly went away with the girl.”