Photo: iStock
Photo: iStock

A mobile app named Dial 4242 that allows people to instantly request the nearest available ambulance was launched on Thursday.

Similar to taxi booking apps like Ola and Uber, it allows users to enter a destination, tracks the driver’s route once an ambulance has been requested, and shows the estimated time of arrival, reported Indian Express. Users can choose from basic, ICU or cardiac ambulances, and can also book vehicles to transfer bodies. Users can pay with either cash or a card.

At present, the app service is limited to South Mumbai, western suburbs, and from Virar to Thane.

Nilesh Mahambre, chairman and co-founder of the service, was quoted as saying, “Our sample size is quite small but I can confidently say that the dispatch time is less than that of other ambulances.”

According to Jeetendra Lalwani, the co-founder and director, a basic rate of Rs800 for five kilometers will be charged, as opposed to the Rs2,000-3,000 fee that other ambulances demand.