A Karnataka maternity patient was told by hospital staff that her baby had died during childbirth. Photo: iStock

A woman who was told that her baby had died during delivery identified him among a group of rescued children in a photo accompanying a newspaper article about a trafficking racket the police had busted. DNA testing later established that the child was hers.

The mother of two girls had given birth to her third child at Naseema Hospital in Mysuru, Karnataka, but hospital staff told her that the baby had died, Bangalore Mirror reported. Months later, she read a newspaper report about a group of children who were rescued from a trafficking gang. Among the children in the accompanying photo was a child who bore a resemblance to her deceased husband.

Police said the gang involved in the kidnapping and selling of children to childless couples obtained birth certificates stating that the couples buying them were the biological parents. Once they had the birth certificates, they were able to obtain passports for them as well.

Police said three suspects had been arrested.