President Trump speaking next to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg during the opening of the new NATO headquarters. Photo: Kay Nietfeld/dpa

Speaking briefly at an event at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, President Trump, doing little to deserve it, provoked yet another media backlash.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board pushed back on Thursday, lambasting the press for crying wolf every time Trump opens his mouth.

“Mr. Trump started his credibility problem on NATO with his campaign comments that the alliance was ‘obsolete.’ We criticized him at the time. But as President he has walked at least 90% of that back—by supporting Montenegro’s entry into the alliance despite Russia’s furious opposition; by following through with new NATO deployments on the alliance’s eastern front, including a U.S.-led battalion; and this week with a new NATO commitment to join the coalition against Islamic State.

“It’s fair to whack Mr. Trump if he indulges his many bad instincts, but it serves no one other than Vladimir Putin to suggest without evidence that the U.S. won’t honor its NATO commitments—or to drive a wedge between allies simply to make Mr. Trump look bad.”

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