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Photo: iStock

A luxury bus travelling from Gujarat to Goa rammed into a trailer parked on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Nashik Highway, killing the driver and one of the 53 passengers on board.

According to police officials,  the trailer was parked on the right-hand fast lane of the highway due to technical problems. Around 4 am on Monday, the bus driver, Shailesh Rajput, 40, who was in the fast lane, did not see the parked trailer and rammed into it head on. The driver died on the spot and 16-year-old Dennis Sudani, who was sitting in the front seat, succumbed to his injuries at Manor Rural Hospital.

Sixteen passengers were treated for fractures and minor injuries and are recovering in a hospital in Surat, Gujarat.

According to officials, the driver had either fallen asleep or lost control of the bus.

Manor Police registered a case of death by negligence and rash driving against the deceased driver and the driver of the trailer, who has absconded.