Little Hawaii Trail, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong Photo: Asia Times
Little Hawaii Trail, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong Photo: Asia Times

Little Hawaii Trail in Tseung Kwan O is one of the easiest routes for beginner hikers to kick start their newfound passion for Hong Kong’s scenic waterfall and mountain views in the surroundings of lush greenery and fungus-covered rocks.

The story of how the trail got its name dates back to 1906 when Alfred Herbert Rennie, a Canadian businessman, set up Rennie’s Mill in Tiu Keng Wan (now Tiu Keng Leng), as well as a small reservoir to store water and a 100-foot dam to generate electricity.

However, Rennie died two years later. The villagers turned the reservoir and dam area into a private pool, which was named by the village chief of Tseng Lan Shue as Little Hawaii Swimming Center in 1946.

The center closed shortly after a child drowned. The remains of the reservoir walls can still be seen on the trail.

Getting there: You can either start from Po Lam (by taking the MTR or bus) or Tseng Lan Shue (by taking KMB bus 91, 91M or 92 from Diamond Hill railway station or minibus route 1A from Choi Hung).

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Starting from Po Lam MTR station, hikers can walk along Po Hong Road towards the Tseung Kwan O Upper Village. Photo: Asia Times
Tseung Kwan O Upper Village. Photos: Asia Times
Walk towards Au Tau for waterfall and mountain views.
View of Tseung Kwan O.
Remains of the broken reservoir, which was once called Little Hawaii Swimming Centre, can still be seen.
Tseng Lan Shue.

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