Lamma Island, Hong Kong Photo: Google Map
Lamma Island, Hong Kong Photo: Google Map

Police are hunting for burglars ho broke into five homes on Lamma Island over a four-day period from May 25, with a total of  HK$143,000 (US$18,349) in cash and valuables stolen.

Three homes in Tai Peng San Tsuen were broken into, with a woman calling police at 11.15pm on May 25 after she saw someone had broken into her flat but nothing was taken.

An expat reported that HK$300 had been stolen from his home at 7pm on May 29, Sing Pao Daily said.

In the same village, a man lost 30 watches, a backpack, a mobile phone and foreign currencies equivalent to HK$300 after his home was burgled at 11.30pm on May 26, the daily reported.

A camera worth HK$4,000 was stolen from a village house in Tai Shan East at 10.15pm on May 25 and a staff member at an office in Tung Shue Long New Village reported to the police that a door was pried, but there was no property in the flat.

Police officers did not rule out the possibility that all the five cases were connected, Apple Daily reported.