The vehicle the victims were traveling in when they were attacked on the Khurja-Jhajhar road in the Greater Noida region early on May 25. Photo: Hindustan Times

A gang of highway robbers gang-raped four women and shot dead their male relative on the Khurja-Jhajhar road in the  Greater Noida region early on Thursday morning.

According to reports, seven members of a family and their driver were traveling from Greater Noida’s Jewar to visit a relative at a hospital in Bulandshahr in western Uttar Pradesh when they were attacked by the gang around 1.30am. The six stole jewelry and Rs44,000 in cash from the family, and then dragged the women into a field and raped them, the victims said. Shakeel Qraishi was shot dead when he resisted.

Love Kumar, a senior police official in Gautam Budh Nagar, was quoted as saying,“A [report] has been registered. A man has been murdered. Four women have alleged gang rape. Police teams are working on the case. The women are being taken for medical examination and a post-mortem examination is being performed.”

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