A view of the US Capitol building in Washington. Photo: AFP/Samuel Corum
A view of the US Capitol building in Washington. Photo: AFP/Samuel Corum

Chinese state-run news outlet Global Times responded (link in Chinese) to the ever more polarizing, and paralyzing, political spectacle in Washington with a message for advocates of American-style democracy: it is the source of the United States’ weakness, not its strength.

“Every country has its own source of shame. The US is the model of Western democracy, however, the needless political struggles and accompanying social division appear to be growing ever more severe. As [Robert] Mueller takes his post as special counsel, even more ‘sensational’ plot twists will likely emerge. If it continues in this way, the likelihood of gradually resolving conflict seems extremely small compared to the likelihood that divisions will continue to grow wider. Trump will become one of America’s most accused presidents.

“Of course, the US presumably will not fall into complete chaos simply because a president is trapped in a lawsuit. Some have noted that, regardless of how much chaos the White House and Capitol Hill fall into, the most important feature of the US – its private enterprises and social organizations – will not fall into disorder; the United States’ functioning as a whole is in no danger of great problems arising, and this is its strength.

“However, the relative stability of US society is one thing, political turmoil is another entirely – it surely is not the embodiment of the US’ strength. An accurate representation is this: when problems arise in US politics, they make the country’s innate energy act as discord and burn away.”

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