A female patient has complained about misconduct at Prime Hospital in Bhiwandi. Photo: Google Maps

A Mumbai doctor has been accused of taking pictures of a patient’s genitals during an operation on her stomach and circulating them.

A sexual assault complaint was filed by her 45-year-old husband, also a doctor, against the doctor and two colleagues who assisted him. While pictures were being clicked, the nurse allegedly made lewd comments about her, which she heard and reported to her husband.

Dr Manoj Badole allegedly took the pictures at Prime Hospital in Bhiwandi on May 12 and sent them to Dr Sarfarosh Ansari and nurse Afsana Khan.

A police officer was quoted as saying,”The victim said she was undergoing an operation for a stomach ailment. Instead of covering her whole body and only keeping [exposed] the part being operated on open, she was covered from only the waist up. The doctor took advantage of the situation and clicked photos of the woman’s genitals. He then circulated the picture to Ansari and Khan.”