Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump listens as Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton answers a question during a debate in October. Photo: Reuters, Rick Wilking

You might remember one of the most popular rallying cries reverberating in stadiums and auditoriums filled with Trump supports during his presidential campaign: “lock her up! Lock her up! The chants were in response to Trump’s promise that he would appoint a special prosecutor to reopen an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified emails.

Trump may have backed off of those threats in the interest of unifying a divided country after the election, but he has just reopened that door by firing FBI director James Comey.

The firing is in relation to a decision made by Comey last July to close an investigation into Hillary Clinton, a decision which was harshly criticized by Trump and others at the time. Comey went one step further, and declined transmit the investigation to federal prosecutors to allow them to make the decision on whether or not to prosecute.

Kenneth Timmerman writes for the Hill on why Comey’s decision has come back to haunt him today, and makes a case for why what he describes as Comey’s ‘boy scout’ character led to the decision and makes him an ineffective FBI director in general. Timmerman goes on to ask, are Justice Department prosecutors finally getting ready to pick up the Clinton email investigation where the FBI left off?