Photo: Flickr
Photo: Flickr

A four-month-old baby is finally well enough to go home after surviving six heart attacks following a 12-hour operation to correct a major heart defect at Mumbai’s Parel Hospital, which has been her home for the past two months.

According to reports, Vidisha had a heart defect called transposition of the great arteries.

Her parents, Vishaka and Vinod Waghmare, who live in Kalyan, could not afford to pay the Rs 5-lakh (US$7,800) bill, but several donors came forward and offered to take care of it.

Vishaka was quoted as saying: “When she was 45 days old, Vidisha vomited after I fed her and fell unconscious. We shook her awake, but she again became unconscious.” They rushed the baby to a local nursing home, where they were advised to take her to B J Wadia Hospital.

After the long operation, her heart function improved but her weak lungs didn’t.

“She was in the ICU for 51 days after the surgery, and went into cardiac arrest stage six times due to this imbalance,” her doctor was quoted as saying, adding that her heart took 15 minutes to resuscitate on one occasion.