Age of Dutertenomics? The Philippines government has announced an ambitious US$173 billion infrastructure spending plan that it is grandly calling “Dutertenomics.” Joel Adriano reports that Duterte’s planners aim to start 64 big ticket projects, ranging from new roads, bridges, railways, airports and seaports, they say will start a “golden age of infrastructure” to help catapult the Philippines to high-income status by 2040.

China’s football buyout: The English Premier League is said to have hired investigators to to see whether Chinese buyers are really part of a state-directed campaign. Richard Cook writes that the investigators are now burrowing deep into the corporate structure of all prospective Chinese investors to see if they are “insufficiently indistinct from the Chinese state.”

Largest investment ever: Credit Suisse analysts see China’s One Belt, One Road investments totaling US$500 billion dollars across 62 countries reports Asia Times. This comes after the Financial Times reported that the initiative is arguably the largest overseas investment push by a single country in history, with domestic Chinese construction and machinery companies looking to be biggest beneficiaries.

HK’s biggest taboo: Against the backdrop of a spike in student suicides in the city, an international suicide awareness charity is holding its first Hong Kong ‘Darkness into Light’ march. Paul Kay reports that the deaths have dragged the issue inescapably into the public eye and heaped pressure on the government to tackle the problem with something more than token measures.