Source: Guo Wengui's Twitter feed.

Guo Wengui, a billionaire Chinese real estate developer who found himself entangled in the corruption scandal of his political patron back home, has turned to the exclusive clubs of London and New York for refuge.

As it turns out, Guo also enjoys spending time at Mar-a-Lago, seen here with the club’s manager via his twitter account, writes the New York Times.

Christopher K. Johnson, a former senior China analyst at the CIA, speculates that Guo is likely the number two on the most wanted list of exiled Chinese business elites whom Beijing is eager to repatriate.

Will one of the Twitter posts we see this week coming from Mar-a-Lago be from Mr. Guo? After all, the platform, much as is the case with fellow real estate billionaire Trump, is Guo’s preferred channel for hurling criticisms at Beijing.