10 yeas ago, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. The rest is history. Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Steve Jobs debuted the original iPhone in 2007 to widespread skepticism, while the world briefly clung to the buttons of Blackberries and flip phones. The rest is history.

Ten years later, the stakes are high for the debut of iPhone’s latest model. The device’s closest competitor, Samsung’s S8, is set to be released in the US on Friday, and is already a smash hit in markets where it has debuted.

Apple will be playing catch up to Samsung with some features, including the new organic light-emitting diode display, which Apple will for the time being have to source from Samsung.

Speculation on other upgrades includes talk of a borderless edge-to-edge screen and curved glass, also similar to the new Galaxy model.

Apple has reportedly been trying to succeed where Samsung failed to include fingerprint sensor technology in the screen itself. Samsung was forced late in development to abandon the feature for the Galaxy S8. According to reports, however, Apple may also be running into trouble including the feature.

With multiple prototypes being developed ahead of the release this year, the one thing we can be sure of is that we can expect some surprises.