The Far East Film Festival Campus 2016. Photo: FEFF
The Far East Film Festival Campus 2016. Photo: FEFF

The five aspiring young Asian writers have been selected as part of the Far East Film Festival Campus 2017 program, and Asia Times is proud – and not a little jealous – to be part of their journey in Udine, Italy.

They come from different parts of Asia – Megumi for instance is from Japan and is interested in how Asian films are introduced in Europe. Joshua from Malaysia is a young journalist who hopes to be a better storyteller and is setting foot for the first time in Europe. The five of them are all 26 or below. They also include Natalie, a Hongkonger, who is interested in gender representation in the media and Paige Lim whose favorite Asian film is Chungking Express.

The five of them will be participating in workshops, interviews and seminars during the Far East Film Festival this year, which will give them an inside look into the film industry.

This is what they are experiencing on their first day in Udine, Italy:

Check out their video introductions below and we wish them all the best during the nine days from April 21 to 29.

Megumi Arita (Japan):

Joshua Lim (Malaysia):

Natalie Ngai (Hong Kong):

Paige Lim (Singapore):