Photo: Screen capture from Voice of America broadcast
Photo: Screen capture from Voice of America broadcast

Much to Beijing’s consternation, Chinese billionaire outlaw Guo Wengui has made some more headlines. Guo fled China after being caught up in a corruption scandal involving his political patron in China, and has since threatened to release damning information about corruption in the upper echelon of the Chinese Communist Party.

In an interview with Voice of America on Wednesday, which was abruptly cut short, Guo followed through on his threats. Before the broadcast was terminated, the billionaire made allegations of infighting within the party, and a specific allegation of corruption tied to politburo member Wang Qishan and his family’s connections to HNA Group.

Though Guo provided no evidence for his claims, Beijing was alarmed enough to pressure the US government-funded news outlet to stop the broadcast.

The South China Morning Post also reported on Wednesday, that Interpol had issued a “red notice” for Guo prior to the interview. A top Chinese official was elected head of the intergovernmental law enforcement organization last year.

Prominent American China watcher Bill Bishop noted in a newsletter on Wednesday how unusual it is to get a glimpse of Chinese politics.

“…it is fascinating to watch even a tiny sliver of elite Chinese politics in real time, and Guo’s claims are leading to all sorts of speculation, including by yours truly…,” wrote Bishop.

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