Supporters of French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen at a rally in Lille. Photo: AFP

The swift descent of the French political establishment over the past year cannot be explained by a single phenomenon, rather it was a perfect storm of disparate elements that brought about the rise of the insurgents now vying for power.

Michel Gurfinkiel provides a detailed account of the revolt against “the Ancien Regime,” in Standpoint magazine this month.

It is not just the outsized effect muslim immigration to Europe has had on France, but also a demand for social justice after job displacement left France’s countryside empty-handed, while urban elites grew wealthier.

If that wasn’t enough, a convoluted and fragmented electoral system underwent further reforms in certain locales, giving a boost to fringe candidates.

Gurfinkiel points out, the pro-European Union Emanuel Macron, who has advocated several pro-growth reforms and proposals for deregulation, seems for the moment to be winning the battle against his Nationalist foe Marine Le Pen’s populism.

But a narrative that the rise of Macron, who was part of France’s left-wing establishment president Francois Hollande’s administration, has been orchestrated by the globalist political establishment concerns Gurfinkiel. Recent portrayals of Macron echo anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, and are an ill-boding sign for the French political outlook.