The police arrested two mainland Chinese men near a bus stop on Clear Water Bay Road. Photos: Google Maps, Wiki Commons

Two mainland Chinese men were arrested on Tuesday in the Sai Kung area of Hong Kong’s New Territories East, for allegedly possessing instruments fit for an unlawful purpose and failing to produce proof of identity on demand, respectively.

According to the newspaper Sing Pao, two men – surnamed Mo, 44, and Li, 23 – were seen wandering around at a bus stop near Pik Uk Prison, on Clear Water Road, at 2pm. The men, from Yangjiang in Guangdong province, tried to run away when police officers approached them but were captured.

Police found four cutter blades in Mo’s bag and masks and door plugs in Li’s backpacks. Mo had a two-way permit for Hong Kong but Li failed to provide any documentation, the Oriental Daily reported.

Police said the two men were arrested on suspicion of ‘pant-snipping’ and pickpocketing. They are investigating the case.

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