Photo: AFP/Jim Watson
Photo: AFP/Jim Watson

Washington’s move to probe steel imports could trigger a dispute between the United States and its major trading partners, who are likely to retaliate, the official China Daily said in an editorial on Monday.

The article was the strongest official response yet to US President Donald Trump on Thursday launching an investigation of China and other producers for allegedly dumping steel products in the United States.

“By proposing an unjustified investigation into steel imports in the guise of safeguarding national security, the US seems to be resorting to unilateralism to solve bilateral and multilateral problems,” the China Daily said.

The probe could result in efforts by the United States to curb imports that will affect the interests of a number of its major trade partners, including China, it said.

“If the US does take protectionist measures, then other countries are likely to take justifiable retaliatory actions against US companies that have an advantage … in fields such as finance and high-tech, leading to a tit-for-tat trade war that benefits no one,” it said.

The article called on the United States, the world’s top economy, to use the settlement mechanism under the World Trade Organization to resolve the dispute over steel.

Reducing imports will not alter the weak competitiveness of US steelmakers, help restore US manufacturing or bring back jobs, as President Trump hopes, it said.

It was a marked shift from official comments on Friday. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said in a briefing the country needed to ascertain the direction of any US investigation before it could make a judgement.

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