Christine Meeusen, 57, (right), and India Delgado, or Sister Eevee, smoke a joint. Photo: Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

A California outfit, Sisters of the Valley, would appear to be affiliated with a religious order but they are not. Despite this, they dress in nuns’ habits and produce cannabis-based products on their farm near Merced, California.

According to their website, the sisters sustain their farm operations and their compassionate activism by making products for the people in a spiritual environment.

The sisters respect the breadth and depth of the gifts of Mother Earth and work hard to bridge the gap between her and her suffering people, the site says.

The site also says the sisters prepare all of their products during moon cycles, according to ancient wisdom. They are activists on a mission to empower people to heal themselves. The site also said its products contain virtually no THC, are not psychoactive, they will not get a person ‘high’ and they will not cause a person to fail a drug test.

Marijuana for both recreational and medical uses is legal in California.

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