Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters

Mainland Chinese would most prefer to buy properties in Australia, the United States and Canada, showing a different consumption pattern to Hong Kong people, according to the property investment firm IP Global.

Some 21% of the 1001 respondents from China were interested in buying property in Australia, a survey compiled by YouGov, a British market research firm, showed. Around 19% prefered real estate in the US, while 17% favored Canada.

Other mainland Chinese respondents were interested in buying properties in the UK (11%), Japan (9%) and Germany (8%).

By comparison, of 1006 Hong Kong respondents, three out of 10 said they would prefer to buy properties in Japan, while those interested in Australian and UK properties each accounted for 21%.

Some Hong Kong respondents were also interested in real estate in Canada (14%), the US (13%) and Germany (4%).

Given that only 4% of mainland Chinese respondents were looking to invest in property abroad, there is a long way for overseas property investment to develop in China, said Jonathan Gordon, Director at IP Global, who commissioned the research.

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