Supreme Court, Singapore Photo: Google Map
Supreme Court, Singapore Photo: Google Map

An Indonesian maid, who was found guilty for ill-treating her employer’s then four-year-old son, saw her jail term doubled to eight months after prosecutors won an appeal in Singapore’s Supreme Court, local media reported.

Judge Tay Yong Kwang on Tuesday added four months to the original sentence that was imposed on March 23.

Tay said the maid was not being punished for her ignorance or lack of skill in taking care of the boy with a special condition, but her “cold disregard of the child’s safety and suffering which must have been evident to any ordinary adult in the situation that day.”

On March 23, a District Court judge jailed Kusrini Caslan Arja, 37, four months after she had left a suction cap lodged in the throat of the boy, who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, for half a day on November 23 last year and failed to pull it out.

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The maid did not say anything about the incident until the boy’s mother returned home.

The maid, who was arrested and remanded into custody on November 23 last year, was released after her sentencing hearing last month because her term had been backdated to the day she was detained, The Straits Times reported. 

Prosecutors later filed an appeal seeking an 18-month jail term.