A mother pleaded guilty in West Kowloon Magistrates' Courts as she sent her 5-year-old son to search for his elder brother on a playground. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A 34-year-old single mother of three pleaded guilty to two counts of child neglect in a Hong Kong court last Friday after she left her three sons at home alone two years ago, local media reported.

On December 27, 2015, the mother surnamed Wong, asked her 11-year-old son to take care of his two younger brothers, 5 and 3, before she left home, Sing Pao reported. But the boy went outside to play with his friends.

On the evening of December 28, Wong asked her five-year-old son to go to find his elder brother. The five-year-old found his elder brother in the playground and they started playing together, Apple Daily reported.

The elder brother refused to go home, and the five-year-old ended up wandering the streets. Passers-by saw the youngster and called the police.

The police arrested Wong in her home on the same day. The eldest son returned home on December 29 with minor injuries.

The mother was charged with two counts of child neglect. She pleaded guilty in West Kowloon Magistrates’ Court on Friday and was allowed bail pending a sentencing hearing on May 18.