The Eastern Magistrates' Court. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
The Eastern Magistrates' Court. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A 39-year-old Filipino maid was fined HK$800 (US$103) on Friday after she was convicted in a Hong Kong court on a theft charge for eating her employer’s meatballs worth HK$100.

In January, Mildred Nilo Ladia was charged with two counts of theft. She was accused of  stealing an agnès b brand handbag and two leather slippers on January 11 last year.  Ladia was also accused of eating meatballs between March 28 and April 10 in her employer’s Repulse Bay home.

In May last year, barrister Gekko Lan Suet-ying, the maid’s then employer, had deducted HK$100 from Ladia’s statutory salary of HK$4,210.

On Friday, the prosecutor dropped the first charge as Lan, who was in hospital, failed to be appear as a witness in the Eastern Magistrates’ Court, Apple Daily reported. Ladia, who came Hong Kong in August 2015 and had previously worked in Singapore, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, admitted the second charge, but pleaded in exchange for a lighter penalty.

The magistrate fined the maid HK$800, instead of sending her to jail, because Ladia has to financially support her family in the Philippines, Sing Tao Daily reported.

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