Macau has a lower statutory minimum wage for its maids than Hong Kong and Taiwan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A newborn baby still attached to its umbilical cord was found inside a blue backpack that was dumped at a refuse depot near the Labor Affairs Bureau of Macau early Tuesday morning.

A 30-year-old Filipino married man surnamed Fajardo and a 25-year-old Indonesian divorced woman surnamed Wina, who work in the same restaurant, were identified as the biological parents and arrested for abandoning their newborn son, Today Macao reported.

At 5:45am Tuesday, a cleaner heard a baby crying at the refuse depot located at the intersection of Avenida do Dr Francisco Vieira Machado and Travessa 1o de Maio. The baby was sent to hospital where he was said to be in good and stable condition.

Police searched a residential building for foreign workers closed to the refuse station. Wina owned up to being the mother. She told police that they hadn’t intended to have the child because they couldn’t afford to raise one, but attempts to abort the fetus failed.

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