A Delhi rape victim was told she would only be promoted to class 11 if she stopped attending classes. Photo: Ryan Slausson

A Delhi school has been accused of harassing a female student in an effort to make her drop out after she was kidnapped, raped and thrown out of a moving car.

Her parents lodged a complaint with the Delhi Commission for Women, alleging that the private school where she was studying had asked them to take her out of classes because her presence would “tarnish” the name of the institution. The commission has issued a notice to the education department.

Her parents said the school told them she would be promoted to class 11 only if she stopped attending, Hindustan Times reported.

In their complaint to the commission, they said: “The school administration feels that the name of their school will be spoiled if [she] comes to school every day. The school also said that the administration would not take any responsibility for her safety.”

They added that the principal would not allow her friends to sit next to her.

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