A mother on Cheung Chau was convicted manslaughter of her baby son. Photo: Wiki Commons

A High Court jury on Monday found a 31-year-old Hong Kong mother guilty of manslaughter over the death of her three-month-old son in 2015.

The jury returned a unanimous verdict on Leung Siu-fong who was living on Cheng Chau, one of the outlying islands in Hong Kong, when her son died two years ago.

On August 25, 2015, the first-time mother found her three-month-old son Matthew Lee Man-hin suffering from convulsions, Ta Kung Pao reported. When her baby stopped breathing, she called the police, who sent him to hospital.

The baby died in the hospital. A government pathologist found the baby had died from abusive head trauma, known as shaken baby syndrome, and suffered from bleeding between his skull and brain.

Leung appeared calm after hearing the verdict, Sing Pao Daily reported. Leung, who will remain in custody, will face a sentencing hearing on April 27, pending psychological reports.

Leung told the police that she had grabbed the baby’s neck, shook him and threw him onto the bed. The mother also admitted she had slapped the baby. The first-time mother said she could not control herself whenever she heard her baby crying. She was arrested after her son died, and was granted bail.

In November last year, Leung had a baby girl and was charged with child abuse after it was found her three-day old infant’s fingernails were bleeding. However, the charged was dropped due to a lack of evidence.

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