A fireman saved a kitten (inset) on Lion Rock Terminal Road in Sha Tin. Photo: Google Map, Kevin Kwok/ Facebook

Kind-hearted Hong Kong fireman Kevin Kwok won an army of admiring netizens after he got off his motorbike on a busy main road and stepped into the traffic to rescue a tiny kitten.

The 7am act of bravery and compassion was captured on the car dashboard cam of a passing Oriental Daily reporter, who loaded the video onto his publication’s website. The footage shows Kwok gesturing for drivers to stop as he scooped up the ginger kitten, which had miraculously escaped death as it passed between the wheels of cars on the Lion Rock Tunnel Road.

Kwok was traveling from his home in Ma On Shan in the New Territories to his work on Cheung Chau Island when he saw the kitten, Sky Post reported. He parked his motorbike and ran about 30 meters back along the road to save the animal.

Kwok’s Facebook posts of the stray have so far drawn more than 40,000 likes, but not the new home for the kitten he was hoping for. He later dropped the animal at a rescue center, where volunteers said it was in general good health aside from having caught a cold.

Lucky kitten. Photo: Kevin Kwan /Facebook