Capital Link International CEO Brett McGonegal on Bloomberg Markets. Photo: Bloomberg Screen grab

Capital Link International CEO Brett McGonegal discusses his outlook for the markets and talks about his investment strategies on Bloomberg’s Markets program.

“The emerging markets are actually very strong because this looks like a global pullup,” McGonegal said. “It’s not just a US story. There’s a lot of reflation around the globe and that will drive this index to higher levels.”

McGonegal, who is also a principal investor in Asia Times, added: “You’ve got a lot of anticipation in the market. The story’s been great from November until now. Execution has really been the key factor as to what drives the next leg of the rally.

“I think we’re at a critical point right now where people need to reassess what’s going on in the market. Maybe valuations have gotten ahead of us. It’s probably a great opportunity to add for a year-end rally.”