Photo: AFP
According to present rules, offshore ownership of A-share listed firm cannot exceed 30%. Photo: AFP

Robert Duggan of SkyBridge Capital, which manages US$11.8 billion in assets, describes investors’ wariness of China in understated terms. “We haven’t seen many funds get overly bullish in Chinese equities markets, so most missed the recent move,” Duggan was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as saying.

The commodities rebound and recovery in producer prices in China has fueled a rally for China stocks in Hong Kong, helped by mainland investors, and Chinese tech firm stocks in the US have joined the party.

Portfolio manager Jim Fong argues this year’s rally is different from that of two years ago. “This time, the share-price gains are not as irrational as last time (…) the economic data is not bad, and commodity prices have increased compared to last year.”