Windsor House, Causeway Bay Photo: Google Map
Windsor House, Causeway Bay Photo: Google Map

You can’t figure out the young and rich.

Take Kimbie Chan, the richest woman in Hong Kong after receiving billions in assets from her husband Joseph Lau. She was seen in her husband’s flagship mall Windsor House playing claw crane in Jumping Gym.

Apparently the now Mrs Lau, once a paparazzi at Apple Daily, was having fun, winning nearly a dozen dolls in the Namco machine within 20 minutes this week, according to Apple Daily.

The fun lasted only 20 minutes – before the 37-year-old mother, with two children and bodyguard, left just before the afternoon tea time.

The woman is under the media spotlight after her long-time and flamboyant boyfriend recovering from a kidney transplant decided to marry her and give her most of his assets — worth an estimated HK$50 billion (US$6.44 billion) in properties and listed shares.

Apparently Mrs Lau, whom her husband described as a woman not so interested in his money, is a child at heart, although she is probably now wealthy enough to buy all of Bandai Namco Holdings.

Another incident that caught our attention was the flying experience of Mario Ho Yau-kwan, son of casino mogul Stanley Ho and fourth wife Angela Leong.

Apparently the 22-year-old MIT master of finance graduate slept on an airport bench for seven hours after the business partner he was traveling with couldn’t find his passport on arrival at the Shanghai Pudong Airport from Hong Kong last Sunday.

The humble princeling was on an economy ticket on Hong Kong Airline and patiently waited hours as airline staff searched the plane, eventually finding the passport in a seat pocket.

Unlike other celebrities or children of senior government officials who would have kicked up a fuss at the airport and demanded special treatment, Mario Ho only made some minor complaints in his Weibo.

Posting screen shots of his phone screen call records, Ho lamented the airline could have arranged for them to stay in a hotel while the passport search continued, but after all they were flying economy.

His sensible behavior won positive comments from netizens, but there was one thought that lingered.

Why doesn’t he take Hong Kong Express, also a local low-cost carrier owned by no one other than his father Stanley Ho?