Police officer Ifzal Zaffar saved a compatriot's life in Western Harbour Tunnel of Kowloon. Photo: Facebook, Hong Kong Police Force

A Pakistani police constable saved a 34-year-old compatriot who was attempting to commit suicide by jumping from a crane at a Kowloon construction site on Sunday morning.

At 10:40am on Sunday, Ifzal Zaffar, a 20-year-old Hong Kong-born Pakistani police constable, and another officer were called to a construction site near the Western Harbour Tunnel in Kowloon after a report of a man named Anan seen standing at the top of a 20-meter-high crane, Apple Daily reported.

Using his native language of Urdu, Zaffar successfully persuaded Anan to come down from the crane. Anan remains in hospital because he is emotionally unstable.

Police constable Ifzal Zaffar Photo: Facebook

Constable Zaffer, who speaks fluent Cantonese, has been at Yau Ma Tei Police Station since graduating from the police academy last April. He is the only Pakistani police officer in the district, Sing Tao Daily reported on Monday. His parents, who came to Hong Kong decades ago, sell Pakistani clothes. He has an elder sister and a younger brother in Hong Kong.

Chief Police Inspector Joana Cheung Leung-yuk, who is Assistant Commander (action) of Kowloon City district, said Zaffer had helped the force communicate with ethnic minorities in Yau Ma Tei, as he also participated in voluntary work in the district during holidays.

Cheung said the police force will hire more officers from ethnic minority communities.

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