The 11th Asian Film Awards took place on Tuesday, March 21 at the Hong Kong Cultural Center. This year, 73 nominees representing 34 films from 12 countries competed for the final awards in 15 categories.

Feng Xiaogang’s I Am Not Madame Bovary won three out of five nominations, including awards for Best Film, Best Actress and Best Cinematography. The South Korean film The Handmaiden, directed by Park Chan-wook, won four awards from six nominations, including Best Supporting Actress, Best Newcomer, Best Costume Design and Best Production Design.

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Behind the glitz and glamor of the red carpet and the flash bulbs, there’s always hard work going on behind the scenes, however. Asia Times photographer Ya Leung documented 12 hours at the awards coalface.

Live video crew get ready outside Hong Kong Cultural Center. Photo: Ya Leung/Asia Times
12:30 pm at the Sheraton Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, and the press are interviewing Korean actress Kim Tae-ri. She was nominated for (and later won) Best Newcomer for her role in the film The Handmaiden. Photo: Ya Leung/Asia Times
A quiet moment before guests start flooding in for the awards ceremony. Security is rigorous at the venue. Photo: Ya Leung/Asia Times
4pm and camera crew have a meeting by the red carpet. Photo: Ya Leung/Asia Times
A quick snap before the celebrities show up on the red carpet. Photo: Ya Leung/Asia Times
Live video is simpler now than ever. Photo: Ya Leung/Asia Times
Hong Kong singer Endy Chow Kwok Yin and Fiona Sit talk to the media on a busy red carpet. Photo: Ya Leung/Asia Times
X Japan’s Yoshiki greets journalist . Photo: Ya Leung/Asia Times
7.30pm. It’s already time to clear the carpet away. Photo: Ya Leung/Asia Times
Journalists talk to Sammi Cheng, who took the Excellence in Asian Cinema Award. Photo: Ya Leung/Asia Times
Best actress Fan Bingbing and Best actor Asano Tadanobu before taking the stage for their winners’ interview. Photo: Ya Leung/Asia Times
11:30pm, a woman strikes a lonely figure as she edits footage in the Hong Kong Cultural Center hallway. Photo: Ya Leung/Asia Times