A man ordered his son to walk on his knees outside Kai Tin Shopping Center. Photo: Youtube, Google map

A 40-year-old Hong Kong man pleaded guilty in court to one count of child abuse for ordering his eight-year-old son to walk on his knees on a street in Kowloon.

The father, a maintenance worker surnamed Lei, was seen punishing his son outside Kai Tin Shopping Center in Lam Tin in Kowloon East at around 9pm on January 23, Sing Pao reported. He ordered the boy to walk on his knees for five minutes because of unsatisfactory academic results and misbehavior at school.

A resident took a video and uploaded to the internet, while a passer-by called the police, who arrested Lei and sent the boy to the hospital for treatment.

On Monday, Lei pleaded guilty to child abuse in Kwun Tong Magistrates’ Courts. The defendant’s lawyer said Lei was a single father taking care of two sons, 8 and 9, and had regretted his actions. Lei asked for a lighter penalty.

The court will issue a verdict on May 5, pending psychological reports on Lei and the victim. He was granted bail of HK$5,000 (US$643).