A Chinese customers shops for food products claimed to be contaminated with radiation. Photo: AFP

Following false accusations of radiation exposed imported items broadcast on a high-profile Chinese television program, three Chinese retail chains have pulled Japanese goods from their stores. A program, alleged that several Japanese products sold at MUJI locations in China were contaminated with radiation from the Fukushima disaster. The Financial Times reports that MUJI’s parent company lost US$200 million in market value the next day, despite a clarification that the accusations were false. Chinese regulators also confirmed that they found no evidence to support the claim. Nevertheless, at least three Chinese retailers have maintained a ban on Japanese products enacted following the program. Japanese products have faced boycotts in the past, including in 2012, during a spat over a territorial dispute in the East China Sea. While this time there is no such impetus, it is clear that it doesn’t take much to incite the ire of the Chinese consumer.