Hong Kong's KFC and Starbucks will stop serving food with Brazilian meat. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Over a dozen fast food outfits in Hong Kong, including KFC and Starbucks, announced on Wednesday that they have stopped serving customers meat from Brazil amid food safety concerns.

KFC, Fairwood, and Maxim’s Caterers Ltd are among 16 names that had been serving Brazilian frozen meats, including pork, beef and chicken, according to a Ta Kung Pao report.

As reported by HK01.com, Fairwood admitted that its barbecue pork – char siu in Cantonese – came from Brazil. It said it would source pork from other countries. TamJai SamGor Mixian, a Yunnan rice noodle shop, said it would stop serving Brazilian chicken wings.

Maxim’s Caterers Ltd, which operates more than 120 fast food shops, 180 cake shops and 165 Starbucks coffee shops in Hong Kong and Macau, said it was suspending Brazilian meat in all its branches. KFC also made a similar announcement.

Café de Coral said it did not purchase any Brazilian meat but had already stopped serving dishes with pork chops and chicken wings due to concern from customers.

Meanwhile, two Hong Kong-based Brazilian restaurants – DJAPA in Wan Chai and BRAZA Churrascaria in Central, told Ta Kung Pao that they only purchased meats from China and Australia, respectively.

On Tuesday, Hong Kong’s Centre for Food Safety announced it was suspending the imports of Brazilian frozen meats after 21 food suppliers in the South American country were put under investigation by police over accusations they bribed health inspectors to turn a blind eye to grubby practices.

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