Hong Kong taxis  Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Hong Kong taxis Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Some Hong Kong taxi groups are vowing to rally in the Central distraction on Friday against the government’s recent proposal to introduce 600 premium taxis into the city.

About 500 taxis will park near the Central harbourfront while 100 of them will surround the government headquarter and Legislative Council in Admiralty when legislators and officials discuss about premium taxis on Friday, Metro Daily reported.

The government should stop its plan to introduce premium taxis as they are redundant, said Chan Wai-ming, chairman of Sun Star Taxi Operators Association. 

Taxi groups will call for a three-hour citywide strike if the government pushes forward its proposal, said Francis Li Chiufan, spokesperson of the Association of Taxi Industry Development. Li said there is a need to improve taxi drivers’ attitudes but not to introduce new players.

Transport and Housing Bureau spokesperson said the government has been talking to the industry about premium taxis since 2015. Andrew Wan Siu-kin, a Democratic Party lawmaker, said the existing taxis should face competition and improve their services.

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